The online course is designed to help students who are novices or completely new to audio and general A/V systems.

This class is perfect for novices at Houses of Worship, convention centers, and hotels with A/V systems, as well as students of theatrical and music performance venues. 

If you're a Stagehand, this is the perfect course to raise your skill level and get you into a better paying job at the venues you work in!

The Live9 Course Headquarters (HQ) is where all your classes come together as a commons area. Bookmark this page to be able to return here quickly. You'll be redirected to the log-in page first when you use a bookmark, but it will bring you here after you log in.

This is a course made up of nine classes. Each class page looks very similar to any other class besides the banners and the list of goals and sources materials. This is so the interface is simple and direct.

Goals are plainly stated, links to internet resources are listed, and reading assignments from the two textbooks, the Sound Reinforcement Handbook & the Theatrical Design and Production, are listed. 

Below this text are links to News Forums & Topic Forums. There will be a news and topic forum on every class page. We will be using the forums a lot in these classes. If you are unfamiliar with forum-based websites, just ask me for some help, and I'll explain it further. There will be other links below, such as the weekly chats. The weekly chat links take you to the internal chat client, which is limited to text only. Instead, we will use Skype video chat for this purpose and have face-to-face lectures and questions and answer periods twice weekly. So the links to chats will always be there for the sake of the information they contain. We will not use the text-only chat client! SO be prepared to buy a web camera if you don't already have one.

Below that, you will find 9 banners and descriptions that depict that particular week's content. Click on the link, and it will take you to the class page, where you will find the materials and links for that class.